The Creations of Jeff R. Kelland


Here you will find Jeff’s body of written work, including an extensive and varied selection of poetry, prose, essays, editorials, etc.; and his first novel, Grace Ungiven, as well as previews/insights into soon-to-be published books and other written pieces he has in the works. Members have full access to Jeff’s archives…


Enter here to enjoy Jeff’s music, going back more than thirty years, including in-studio audio and live video recordings of 20+ original songs, with lyrics and back stories for each; 20+ cover songs; and what is on the musical horizon for Jeff. Members get all the music and full access using the link below…


Come in here to see Jeff’s visual art works, including his acrylic paintings, charcoal and pencil drawings, as well as a few of his mixed media pieces. Here, too, you will find the stories behind the works; gain insights on current works; and maybe even have input on a future project. Again, ABOTA tribe members get it all…


Welcome to A Branch of the Arts (ABOTA), the home of all my artistic creations! It is so named to honour the inspiring setting in which I have been working in recent years, while enjoying the magnificent view shown on the main banner above. Though we have since moved on, it will always have a special place in my heart. It is here, after a lifetime of pursuing what the art-ignorant call a “real career”, that I was finally able to give myself over to my true passions and start living the life of a full-time, full-fledged artist. This is where I started and finished my first novel, wrote some of my best songs, became a visual artist, and taught myself to adopt a healthier lifestyle. I turned the corner on my life here, and produced the lion’s share of my art works to date – at our beach house in Branch, St. Mary’s Bay, in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

ABOTA exists to display, promote, and eventually sell my original works to the world in three distinct genres (writing, music, and the visual arts); and in the process, share who I am and what I have to offer, both as an artistic spirit and a human being. The site is about my art; and, for the most part, my art is about everybody and everything else in humanity and Nature. ABOTA members will be individuals who share some of my interests, and we may have our differences from time to time, but that’s okay. I welcome open and honest discussion with intelligent, decent people who hold opinions contrary to mine. This is how we learn and grow. So, comments, criticisms and questions from members or visitors about anything I have to say anywhere on this site can be sent to me by FB messenger or email, and the ABOTA FB page is where we can all openly interact. I’d love to hear from you!

ABOTA is where art lovers and patrons will be able to sample and purchase my works. Whether it is passage of prose, a song, or a visual art work, each piece is an effort to employ who I am and what I have learned to make a positive contribution to the human condition – no more, no less. Three main portals here on the main page lead to pages devoted to each genre. Besides the artworks offered in each genre, there is an array of interesting related content, and periodic members-only benefits and surprises. Member benefits include: a 10% discount across the board on all art works sold in all three genres, and on all writing services offered. Only members will be granted full access, including the complete sets of archives; first viewing of all new works; and first opportunity to buy works (at members’ discount prices) before they are thrown out to the general public. And only members will be eligible to participate in special events, such as bidding on art works in auctions I may be holding from time to time.

To become a member of the ABOTA tribe and get the inside track, you can instantly join my mailing list simply by providing your email address. You will receive but one quarterly newsletter from me, alerting you to the latest news and additions to the site over the past three months, and no more. There’s a great deal to engage with A Branch of the Arts, more than first meets the eye or ear, and there’s something for everyone. Join the tribe today and enjoy access to the entire site! I’ll see you inside…

(PLEASE NOTE: The website is always a work in progress, as there is still a great deal of content to be added. At some point in 2023, the ABOTA Store should be open for purchases, commission requests, etc. Instead of waiting until everything was finished, I wanted to get the site up and running sooner rather than later, and I will be working hard so that members can look forward to finding a lot of new content each quarter.)


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